Makeup by Carole | MAKEUP LESSONS
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Makeup application can be a difficult talent to master. The tedious steps, the attention to detail, the careful application of winged eyeliner alone is enough to stress anyone out. That’s why Carole is here to help, offering her signature makeup lessons.

In a makeup lesson with Carole, you will learn how to apply makeup in the same way the professionals do. From start to finish, Carole takes the time to walk you through the process of immaculate makeup application. Whether you’re unsure about which brushes to use where, what brands are the most suitable, which foundation and concealers perfectly match your skin, how to plump and line your lips, how to prime and set your look for long-lasting effect, how to avoid makeup faux-pas, or how to master the ever-elusive perfect contour, Carole has the answers for you.

Sharing her craft with others is part of the beauty in what Carole does. Her passion for her art is multiplied when she can share her beauty secrets with her clients. Always wanted to obtain that sultry smokey eye? That’s what she is here for.

PERFECT YOUR PROCESS: Makeup lessons with Carole are only $65 an hour.