Makeup by Carole | About Us
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Get To Know Me


arole de Beaudieu is a Makeup Artist based in Dallas, Texas.

As a graduate from the Makeup Artistry International School of Cosmetology, Carole is a highly educated and professional beauty expert. She draws inspiration for her work from her endless travels around the world, meeting new people and finding beauty in new places. Carole’s meticulous attention to detail and the passion she has for what she does keeps her immersed in the work that she loves.

Her professionalism and care, coupled with her determination to see confidence in every woman’s eyes, is what makes her a coveted favorite among the beauty industry. She is a true artist, who loves to create beauty, confidence, expression and emotion.


The confidence Carole builds within her clients is pure and real. By enhancing the features they love, Carole brings their natural beauty to the forefront and gives every woman the ability to command a room.


Carole’s ability to enhance a woman’s natural beauty spans across all ethnicities, styles and techniques. Her experience is broad, expansive, and well rounded.


With a genuine love and appreciation for both internal and external beauty, Carole’s work is built on a strong foundation of passion and talent. Because of this, she is on a never-ending journey to study and perfect her craft, always learning, building, and becoming a trendsetter in the industry.